National strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS) are essential documents that allow countries to plan their data activities to meet data needs for policy making. It can align and co-ordinate all of the data production units throughout a country's national statistical system, ensure that international and national data quality standards are met, identify and address data gaps and ensure that activities are adequately financed. PARIS21 supports countries in developing good NSDSs through a range of expertise and tools.


National strategies for the development of statistics

Supporting countries' development objectives

Countries need national strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS) that are nationally owned and able to produce data for all SDG indicators.

Countries need to have an overall vision of the development of their national statistical system which:

  • includes national, regional, and international needs;
  • is part of the country development and poverty reduction policy;
  • serves as a framework for international and bilateral assistance;
  • includes all data production units and addresses issues related to the analysis and use of data;
  • follows international standards including quality;
  • builds on all past and existing activities and experiences.

An NSDS should

  • provide a country with a strategy for developing statistical capacity across the entire national statistical system (NSS)
  • provide a vision for where the NSS should be in five to ten years and will set milestones for getting there
  • present a framework for continual assessment of evolving user needs and priorities for statistics and for building the capacity needed to meet these needs in a coordinated manner
  • provide a framework for mobilising resources (both national and international) and a basis for effective and results-oriented strategic management of the NSS.

NSDS Status Reports

In collaboration with its partners, PARIS21 reports on country progress in designing and implementing NSDSs. These reports provide an up-to-date overview of where countries currently are in their NSDS processes.

NSDS Self-Assessment Evaluation Tool

The Evaluation Tool is designed to assess the quality of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS), its level of implementation and overall impact.

NSDS documents

NSDS Documents set out the strategic direction of a country's national statistical system. Evaluations are used to assess the status and progress of a country's five to ten year NSDS.

NSDS Guidelines

PARIS21 is Co-chair of the NSDS Guidelines Reference Group and provides countries with a technical framework to prepare their strategy.


NSDS Resources


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