Ten years ago, the PARIS21 Parnership was launched to promote a culture of evidence-based policymaking in developing countries. Tremendous progress has been made since then, but much still remains to be achieved. To consider the past, present and future of statistical development, the PARIS21 Partnership organised its Consortium meeting in Dakar, Senegal from 16 to 18 November 2009.

The event brought together some 440 participants from 105 different countries — policy makers, statisticians, analysts, and civil society and private sector representatives from developing and developed countries, and multilateral organisations — to discuss statistical capacity building in developing countries and review the achievements and future contribution of the PARIS21 Partnership and its Secretariat.

The PARIS21 Partnership was honoured by the President of Senegal, His Excellency Maître Abdoulaye WADE, who delivered the opening speech and his Minister of State, Mrs. Awa NDIAYE, who chaired the closing plenary session where the Dakar Declaration on the Development of Statistics was read and agreed by acclamation.

The Consortium meeting was jointly organised by the Government of Senegal and PARIS21 and took place at the Hôtel Méridien Président in Dakar. A promotional flyer is available in the following languages: