Trusted official statistics for good governance and evidence based decision making

In 2019, PARIS21 launched its “Trust in Data Initiative” with a project to support Vanuatu's National Statistical Organisation (VNSO) in their vision to strengthen data use in parliament. After two years of partnership between VNSO,  PARIS21 and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the first phase of the initiative draws to a close on a high note with the relationship between VNSO and parliament stronger than ever.

Sometimes we make mistakes as leaders and are accused of making decisions based on political affiliation. This is not our intention to exclude groups, but we did not have the proper information available. Having reliable statistics for areas and communities will help us make informed decisions.

A lack of access, understanding and capacity was hampering parliamentarians in adequately performing their roles of oversight, representation and legislation. Through a series of trainings for parliamentary staff and meetings between MPs and the Vanuatu Bureau of Statistics (VBoS), Vanuatu has been able to improve data use in policy making to ensure policies meet the needs of the most vulnerable. This is the first focused effort in Vanuatu to introduce data for sustainable development monitoring to MPs with the aim of enhancing good governance. VBoS is making efforts to scale-up the project. Building of the success of the initiative, the next phase of the project will target a broader audience of parliamentary staff and MPs, as well as cover more development priorities in the country.

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