Officials from the National Statistical Offices of Bolivia, Ecuador, ColombiaPeru and Member Countries of the Andean Community, participated in the Regional Workshop to develop National Strategic Plans for Statistical Development (NSDS) for the period 2017-2021. PARIS21, in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the Andean Community (CAN), conducted this workshop to promote the new NSDS guidelines 2.0 and start the process of strengthening capacities in the production of statistics through proper planning of economic and social development information for public policy use.

This workshop was held at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Andean Community, in Lima, Perú from 13 - 16 September 2016 and is part of a comprehensive training programme to be held throughout 2016/2017. During the workshop, PARIS21 presented a number of useful tools in the formulation of a new NSDS such as a Roadmap Template, 10 Elements Checklist, SWOT analysis, GAMSO approach and ADAPT software, which are available for countries to use.

The development of the Strategic Plan responds to the decision by Andean countries to harmonise their production of national statistics and endorse harmonisation and comparability. This plan is currently supported by the Decision 736 in the Andean Community Commitments.

The main findings in this introductory workshop are:

  • In the case of Peru, INEI has formulated its second NSDS (PENDE 2013-2017) which is still in force, and they plan to start preparing the next NSDS in 2017.
  • In the case of Colombia, DANE has been working on the formulation of the new National Statistical Plan (PEN 2017-2021), which responds to the NSDS guidelines and would be ready for its approval in 2017.
  • Ecuador and Bolivia would start formulating their NSDS in 2017 and have requested follow-up support from CAN and PARIS21 to accelerate this process.

The main problems identified in the first generation of NSDS was the difficulty in obtaining high level approval which resulted in issues with execution. As a result, a partial implementation of the NSDS was achieved. Also, there is need for an improvemed/updated legal framework for most NSOs in the region, particular in relation to accessing new sources of information such as administrative data for statistical purposes.

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