To help achieve its goal of fostering well-managed national statistical systems and building statistical capacity in developing countries, PARIS21 will on occasion establish ad hoc, subject-matter task teams. Convened by a Task Team Convenor, each team addresses an issue key to the PARIS21 mandate.

Membership of these task teams is on a voluntary basis. Task Team members comprise experts from international agencies, donor organisations and from developing and transition countries.

Task teams are designed to have a sunset clause that limits the lifespan of the team's activities and requires the members to focus on producing specific outputs in a specific timeframe. Once the team is closed, PARIS21 presents its outputs to the larger statistical community (as with the Statistical Capacity Building Indicators, the Intersect task team on integrating sectoral statistics into NSDSs, Census, Rural and Agricultural Statistics, and the Improved Support to Monitoring Development Goals) and/or absorbs the work into the Secretariat's regular work programme (as with Advocacy, Costing and Funding of NSDS, Strategic Statistical Development Plans now called "NSDS", and the Partner Report on Support to Statistics -- PRESS).

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