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If development data is so important, why is it chronically underfinanced?

“Every international development organization emphasizes the importance of data for development. Nevertheless, raising funds for data-related activities remains a major challenge for development practitioners, particularly for research on techniques for data collection and the development of methodologies to produce quality data.”

The World Bank

Dixons Carphone data breach affects 5.9 million customers

“Dixons Carphone has revealed a major data breach involving unauthorized access to 5.9 million customers’ cards and 1.2 million personal records.”

The Guardian

The Guardian view on the ethics of AI: it’s about Dr Frankenstein, not his monster

“Google’s ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence are little more than a smokescreen, but they show that many engineers are rightly worried by the possible uses of the technology they’re developing”

The Guardian

RGPD : de la difficulté à faire appliquer le droit à l’oubli

« L’article 17 du RGPD est peut-être celui qui donne le plus de fil à retordre aux responsables de traitement. Il accorde au citoyen de l’Union européenne un droit à l’effacement de ses données personnelles. Plus connu dans le grand public sous l’expression de « droit à l’oubli », ce droit n’est pas en soi nouveau. La loi Informatique & Libertés l’évoquait déjà et la loi pour une République numérique d’octobre 2016 l’a introduit pour les mineurs… »



Technology and Innovation report 2018: harnessing frontier technologies for sustainable development

“Big data analysis can help to manage or resolve critical global issues, create new improve decision-making, by providing real-time streams of information. The Internet of Things allows the condition and actions of connected objects and machines to be monitored and managed, and allows more effective monitoring of the natural world, animals and people.”


Series books:

Inégalités de revenu : l'écart entre les riches et les pauvres

« Les inégalités de revenu s’accroissent. Il y a vingt-cinq ans, le revenu disponible moyen des 10 % les plus riches dans les pays de l’OCDE était environ sept fois plus élevé que celui des 10 % les plus pauvres ; aujourd’hui, il est environ neuf fois et demie plus élevé. Pourquoi est-ce important ? Beaucoup craignent que cet écart grandissant ... »


The Development Dimension: Private Philanthropy for Development

“Philanthropy’s role in advancing sustainable development attracts a lot of attention. This report calls into question long-held assumptions about the volume, nature and potential of foundations’ engagement in developing countries, and the role they can play to support the SDGs. It presents ground-breaking data and analysis that capture previously non-existent global and comparable quantitative and qualitative data on how foundations support development.”


OECD Development Pathways: Social Protection System Review of Kyrgyzstan

“Social protection is at the heart of Kyrgyzstan’s development and is a priority of public policy. Pension coverage among today’s elderly is universal and a large number of contributory and non-contributory programmes are in place to cover a wide range of risks.”


Fact checking:

Africa check

“Africa Check is an independent, non-partisan organisation which assesses claims made in the public arena using journalistic skills and evidence drawn from the latest online tools, readers, public sources and experts, sorting fact from fiction and publishing the results.”

“Since 2012, we have fact-checked hundreds of claims on topics from crime and race in South Africa to population numbers in Nigeria and fake health cures in countries around Africa.”

Pesa check

“PesaCheck is a fact-checking initiative to verify often confusing numbers quoted by public figures across East Africa, supported by International Budget Partnership and Code for Africa affiliates in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.”

Nation Newsplex

Nation Newsplex is a fact checking entity of the Daily Nation


Dubawa is guided by firm principles of accountability, truth and collaboration; by creating a community for Nigerians to report and question the information posited by the media and the government.”

“Dubawa is an initiative of PTCIJ. Proudly supported by the Mc Arthur Foundation”

Something fun:


« Dans une société de plus en plus machinisée, les artistes s’intéressent d’autant plus aux robots que l’intelligence artificielle est en train de bouleverser l’existence des humains et jusqu’à la condition de l’oeuvre d’art : sa production, son exposition, sa diffusion, sa conservation, sa réception. »

« Si vous souhaitez prolonger l'expérience, le Palais de la Découverte vous propose également un espace permanent "Informatique et sciences du numérique", ouvert au public depuis le 13 mars 2018. Il offre une présentation générale de cette discipline sur 300 m2 »

Until July 9

- Grand Palais, Galeries Nationales –

Paris, France


useR! 2018

“The conference for the users of R”

“useR! 2018 include access to talks and poster sessions, welcome reception, lunches, morning and afternoon tea each day. There are three levels of registration, industry, academic and student”

July 10-13

Brisbane, Australia

Joint Statistical Meeting 2018

Topics range from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundaries of statistics, such as analytics and data science.

JSM also offers a unique opportunity for statisticians in academia, industry, and government to exchange ideas and explore opportunities for collaboration. Beginning statisticians (including current students) are able to learn from and interact with senior members of the profession.”


July 28-August 2

Vancouver, Canada


“An interactive summit for business, IT,and analytics leaders who are bringing data science and advanced analytics into their organizations.”

August 6-7 Anaheim, California

KDD 2018

“The annual KDD conference is the premier interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and big data.”

August 19-23

London, UK

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