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Backed by UN, Asia-Pacific countries to advance space technology for ‘development transformation’

“Adopting a ministerial declaration on Wednesday, countries also agreed to enhance resilience and mitigate disaster risk, through a regional action plan, making Asia-Pacific the first region ever to adopt a coordinated approach to using space technology and geospatial information services, in the service of development.”


UN News

African Statisticians Reflect on Data Needs for SDGs, Agenda 2063

“Participants at the Sixth Statistical Commission for Africa (StatCom-Africa VI) urged African governments to allocate increased resources to the production, dissemination and use of statistics to support implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and national development plans.”



IEA Releases Reports on G20 Energy Transition Progress

“The International Energy Agency (IEA) and Argentina’s Ministry of Energy and Mines released two technical reports focusing on progress and challenges of energy transitions for G20 countries. The publications address climate change mitigation through energy transitioning, and the role of high quality data collection for policy.”



Countries showcase progress in statistical development

“The country’s statistical systems are unable to meet its need for economic statistics because: existing systems are not harmonized; data collection is irregular; political commitment is limited; stakeholder coordination is poor; and the existence of data in “not easy to use format,” amongst others.”


Africa News

Des milliers de boîtes mail professionnelles belges sans défense

« Les données de login de nombre de boîtes mail professionnelles, surtout des spécialistes de la finance, sont en vente sur des forums spécifiques, souvent dans le 'dark web' (face cachée du web).»



Groundbreaking data project to support smallholder farmers and end hunger

“How can we use the data we have now to support access to a nutritious diet for the more than 820 million people who face food insecurity, while staying within our planet’s environmental limits? And what do these solutions cost?”



Bias Could Be Shutting Out Women-Run Businesses from the Largest Market in the World

One area where open data is poised to make a huge impact is in government contracting. Governments spend one fifth of their budgets on procuring services and goods from the private sector, but women-led businesses only supply 1 percent of this market. This means the market is missing the innovation, creativity and most importantly, the perspective of women-led businesses.


Diplomatic courier

Why You Should Use Data -- And Your Experiences -- To Come Up With Your Next Startup Idea

“This approach is especially relevant in Asia where there is a lot of competition. Asian youth have one of the highest startup rates in the world, according to the World Economic Forum.”



Data localisation: The Reserve Bank of India stands firm

“With the deadline to transfer their customer data to Indian servers coming to an end on Monday, the future is uncertain for the likes of Google and Amazon as far as their Indian businesses are concerned. “


The Economic Times

Judge, jury and statistician

“As Dr Hannah Fry argues in her latest book, Hello World, the data – and the algorithms built to interpret that data – do not always produce the expected outcomes (page 4). There is often a clear logic behind machine‐generated outputs, but the results can still seem illogical when measured against human expectations.”


Royal Statistical Society


World Development Report 2019: The changing nature of work

“Innovation will continue to accelerate, but developing countries will need to take rapid action to ensure they can compete in the economy of the future. They will have to invest in their people with a fierce sense of urgency especially in health and education, which are the building blocks of human capital to harness the benefits of technology and to blunt its worst disruptions."


World Bank Group

Something fun

Les robots de Boston Dynamics font encore impression

« Boston Dynamics a mis une vidéo en ligne qui montre comment son robot Atlas se meut de manière quasiment humaine et réussit à aller au bout d'un parcours truffé d'obstacles. Et une autre vidéo montre comment le 'chien-robot' Spot effectue une inspection. »




Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018

“The conference will give you the tools to build on the fundamentals of data management, BI, and analytics; harness innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT); and accelerate the shift toward a data-driven culture to lead the way to better business outcomes.”


23 - 24 Oct Frankfurt, Germany

SciDataCon 2018

“The scope of SciDataCon covers policy matters and the place of data in the scientific endeavour and scholarly communications; the opportunities of the data revolution for the global research enterprise; innovations in data science and data stewardship; and the challenge of developing a sustainable data ecosystem, including the role of education and capacity building.”


22 - 26 Oct Gaborone, Botswana


BigSurv18 will bring together international researchers, practitioners, and experts to address how promising technologies and methodologies for using massive datasets can improve, supplement, or replace data and estimates from complex surveys and censuses.

25 - 27 Oct Barcelona, Spain

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