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Copernicus sentinel-5p releases first data

“These first data are another milestone for our Copernicus programme. They show how Sentinel-5P is set to make a real difference in monitoring air quality and highlight European Union’s contribution to combatting the global issue of air pollution.”



Why is Central Africa missing from so many maps?

“This gap appears across a huge range of subjects that have inadequate source data for developing countries. Often all of Sub-Saharan Africa is missing, but it is the Central African countries that seem to disappear most frequently.”


Silicon Valley eyes Africa as new tech frontier

In May, both Google and Facebook launched initiatives nearby…But it isn't just Nigeria that is piquing the interest of tech giants. Last month, Google said it would open Africa's first artificial intelligence lab in Ghana's capital, Accra.”


Countries Need to Use Gender Data to Track SDG Progress. Here’s How

“Only 13 percent of countries worldwide consistently devote resources to gathering and utilizing gender data.”


Q&A: Economist Jeffrey Sachs on jumpstarting lagging SDG progress

“New findings produced by economist Jeffrey Sachs’ organization UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network echoed the same concern that the United Nations voiced last month: Not one country is currently on track to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.”



Is Open Data Working for Women in Africa?

“Open data has the potential to change politics, economies and societies for the better. Yet, open data initiatives supported by governments, civil society and funders have largely overlooked how open data can be used to meet the needs of women specifically.”


Still left behind?

“Evidence set out in this report shows that progress to date has been limited, and that SDG monitoring and review is still focusing on average change rather than those who are furthest behind. This neglect of unfair inequalities threatens to derail the entire SDG project.”


Africa's Development Dynamics 2018

“Africa's Development Dynamics uses the lessons learned in the five African regions – Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa – to develop recommendations and share good practices. The report identifies innovative policies and offers practical policy recommendations, adapted to the specificities of African economies.”

OECD Development Centre and AUC

States of Fragility 2018

“This report shows that, without action, more than 80% of the world’s poorest will be living in fragile contexts by 2030. This means that development actors across many sectors will need to better grasp the unique challenges of development in fragile contexts if the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals are to be met.”


Something fun

It came, it flew, it soaked: How performative pint-throwing became the summer's unexpected World Cup craze

“The scientific rigour of the data-gathering methods was not divulged, but the estimates were around £150,000 of beer being thrown every time England scored a World Cup goal.”


UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation

“The Panel will submit a report that will provide a high-level independent contribution to the broader public debate on digital cooperation frameworks and support Member States in their consultations on these issues.”

September 2018 and January 2019,

Virtual meeting

Joint Statistical Meetings

Topics range from statistical applications to methodology and theory to the expanding boundaries of statistics, such as analytics and data science.”

July 28 - August 2, 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

6th International Conference on Big Data, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

“The theme of this Conference is “Novel Technologies: Learning, Modelling and Interface with Data”, which means just not to explore the recent advancement rather it could be expanded to all possible ways which will be helpful in more and more advance research in this emerging field.”

August 6-7

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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