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The use of 21st century skills assessment data: National and global perspectives

“To teach and assess these skills we need to know more about them. To do this, we need data. The data may come in the form of teacher observations, or highly sophisticated process data, which can help us understand how the skills manifest, what they look like, and how they typically develop.”



Journée africaine de la statistique : La Côte d’Ivoire veut "relever le niveau de son appareil statistique"

« Cette réforme devrait fournir à notre pays un dispositif statistique solide, performant, capable d’élaborer de façon régulière, des statistiques officielles de haute qualité au service de la transformation structurelle de notre économie et du développement durable et inclusif de notre pays. »


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Ghana: Re-engaging private sector for sustainable development

“Most private sector businesses in Ghana do not have proper websites, and where these exist, the data quality or the content of the websites are not useful to assist in developing tailor-made strategic framework for Private Investment in the SDGs as well as the African Union’s Agenda 2063, which seeks to accelerate the socio-economic transformation of the continent.”


The Patriotic Vanguard

Geo-enablement of SDGs for boosting capability and better policy making

“With the enabling global mechanism of the 2030 Agenda, the challenge is how to most effectively transfer the available technology, data richness, and connectivity to the technology and data poor, which is the foundation stone for capacity building and enabling a mechanism for global cooperation and coordination. What is needed however is bridging the gap between the level of technological access in developed and the developing world, which can only be achieved through a holistic policy approach.”


Geospatial World

Charts of the week: Africa data

“the good news is that 2019 will start with the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history—less than 8 percent.” However, the reduction rate is slowing, and Africa’s share is rising.”



Review finds Utah’s data on homeless riddled with problems

“The critical report released last week even found that a 2015 declaration by state officials it had reduced the chronic homeless population by 91 percent thanks to a housing program was erroneous and based on bad data.

State officials proudly touted that figure as validation of the work they were doing, but the audit found most of the decrease was because of a change in how they counted that population.”


The State

High-Tech Degrees and the Price of an Avocado: The Data New York Gave to Amazon

“The proposal shows the types of data, some rarely available publicly, that the company amassed from cities across the country as part of its search for a second headquarters… “More than 200 cities put in initial bids for the project, and 20 of them provided Amazon with more information when they made Amazon’s shortlist. Each submitted valuable research that the company can mine in the future for picking satellite offices, warehouse locations or research hubs.”


New York Times


A right to be heard

“This report presents the perspectives of nearly 4,000 young migrants and refugees who responded to a recent global poll conducted by UNICEF. Globally, 30 million children and young people – including 12 million refugees and asylum seekers – lived outside their countries of origin in 2017.”



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International conference on computer age statistics

“The aim of the conference is to make it a rendezvous of computer age statisticians, to explore their remarkable contributions and journey through new vistas of the twenty-first century Statistics. The interactions during this meet are expected to excel the creativity of the delegates and spur them to contribute remarkable and productive research outputs.”


3 – 5 January 2019

Pune, India

First conference of the West Africa Capacity-building and Impact Evaluation...

“3ie et le gouvernement du Bénin, en collaboration avec d’autres partenaires, organisent une conférence de deux jours pour la présentation des activités du Programme de renforcement des capacités et d'évaluation de l'impact en Afrique de l'Ouest (WACIE) et la présentation des résultats de l’étude exploratoire sur les capacités et les opportunités d’évaluation dans la région. »


28-29 January 2019

Cotonou, Benin


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