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How can climate policy stay on top of a growing mountain of data?

“Tracking and reading all of the relevant publications on climate change has become impossible, as more emerge in a single year than was previously the case over an entire, or multiple, assessment periods.”

The Guardian

Could Open Data Help Solve World Hunger?

“UK headquartered non-profit organization Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable to deal with the challenge of ensuring world food security”


India’s job crisis: Data vs. Jaitley speak

“Data from the Labour Bureau Quarterly Employment Survey shows that the rate of job creation has slowed dramatically since the last decade. The slowdown began in the final years of the UPA2 government, and has continued under the Modi government.”


DOCOMO Develops Population Flow Statistics as Transportation Big Data

“NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it has successfully developed population flow statistics for analyzing population mobility based on operational data from the company's nationwide mobile network in Japan.”


How AI can identify fake news and warn advertisers who want to avoid it

“AI can be trained to identify fake news and gather data on sites that are the most prolific in peddling it—or just sloppy in their fact checking, experts say.

Quartz Africa

Getting To Trusted Data Via AI, Machine Learning And Blockchain

“The benefit is that higher levels of data quality translate into faster time-to-market for activities including product profiling and pricing, and faster trade executions. The net result is that client experience has improved.”


The start of a new poverty narrative

“As we fall further behind the target pace, the task of ending extreme poverty by 2030 is becoming inexorably harder because we are running out of time. We should celebrate our achievements, but increasingly sound the alarm that not enough is being done, especially in Africa.”


Third Round of Investment Into Collaborative Data Innovation Projects Announced

“This call has been issued to support improvements where needs are continuous or recurrent, and where innovations can be readily adapted to other regions and sectors. The innovation fund is particularly targeting projects that result in data or methods for producing faster; in a more cost effective manner; at a higher resolution or granularity; or to address data gaps.”

Markets Insider



Turning FAIR data into reality: Interim report from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR data

“The report makes a number of detailed recommendations, and specifies actions for different stakeholder groups to enable the change required. Implementing FAIR data is a significant undertaking and requires change in terms of research culture and infrastructure provision. These are important in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the direction for European Commission and Member State policy, but go beyond that as FAIR requires global agreements to ensure the broadest interoperability of data - beyond disciplinary and geographic boundaries.”

European Commission Expert Group

Something fun:

How Flip Flops, Ice Cream and Football Are Saving The World... This week's Global Goals Top 5

Global Goals

Coupe du monde de football 2018 : quand le big data s'invite à l'entraînement

« Big data, NeuroTracker, réalité virtuelle : technologies et recherche scientifique s’invitent de plus en plus dans la préparation des joueurs pour améliorer les performances et prévenir les blessures. »



Real Business Intelligence Conference

Transcend convention with new ideas and creative approaches to problem solving - Prepare for an uncertain future: mobilizing resources using innovative methods, processes, and strategies - Apply new information management techniques to deliver breakthrough results”

June 27-June 28


New Approaches to Statistical Capacity Development

Reliable regular data are key to our understanding of societies and economies, and the demands for such data are ever-increasing. But not all statistical offices and statistical systems are able to meet that demand. PARIS21, who have been working in statistical capacity development for nearly 20 years, have recently synthesised their experience into a set of guiding principles for capacity development which will be presented and discussed at the meeting. These will be of interest not just to statisticians but to all those who are working with governance and results management.”

June 28



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