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SDG Knowledge Weekly: Data, Indicators and Statistics for Sustainable Development

“Investing in data is relatively inexpensive, argues a series of case studies launched by the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD).”



Stellar new board appointed to lead world-first Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

“The Centre is chaired by the founder of healthcare data firm Dr Foster, Roger Taylor. It has been established to make sure the UK is leading the debate on how data-driven technologies are used for the maximum benefit of society.

It will analyse and anticipate gaps in the governance landscape agree and set out best practice to guide ethical and innovative uses of data, and advise government on the need for specific policy or regulatory action.”



Who should profit from the sale of patient data?

“A multi-billion dollar industry operates by collecting, merging, analyzing and packaging patient data and selling it to the highest bidder. Data buyers range from health policy researchers to pharmaceutical companies and marketing corporations. While this industry has been quietly operating and accumulating profits for many years, patient advocacy groups have recently turned their attention to it.”



Leap in the Blockchain Development: What Will be in Demand on the Decentralized Market in 2019?

“Although 2018 did not see the extrapolated positive growth expected, and it can be expected that there will be no dramatic change until the end of the year, there have been some of the most important developments in the crypto and Blockchain industry.”



Why You Should Care About Big Data This Flu Season

“Mining non-traditional data sources such as social media and Google search patterns in addition to electronic health records (EHRs), could arm medical providers with more accurate and contextually-rich insights. In fact, studies have already proven that unexpected data sources such as Twitter can accurately predict flu outbreaks up to six weeks before they happen — far sooner than the models we currently rely on.”



Une base de donnée oubliée expose 26 millions de SMS en clair

« De nombreux incidents ont mis en avant les faiblesses de la double authentification par SMS. Cette technique est bien souvent proposée par les services en ligne comme un moyen efficace de protéger un compte, mais ne constitue pas une panacée et la méthode présente plusieurs failles à différents niveaux. »



Working paper

The USA Sustainable Cities Initiative: Lessons for City-Level SDG Action

“The pilot cities found that SDG indicators and data provided a common language for strategy building, helping to structure coherent discussions about a coordinated city initiative in order to meet the goals by 2030 and beyond.”




Africa Data Revolution Report 2018

“The Africa Data Revolution Report 2018 is delving into the current state and recent evolution of Open Data – with an emphasis on Open Government Data – in the African data communities. It explores key countries across the continent, researches a wide range of open data initiatives and benefits from global thematic expertise.”





6th OECD World Forum: the Future of Wellbeing

“Particular emphasis will be given to three important trends – the digital transformation, the changing role of governance, and the emergence of the private sector as an important actor for ensuring sustainable and inclusive well-being – as well as to looking at the interplay of these three factors.”


27-29 November Korea


Women in Big Data Düsseldorf Second Meetup Event

“In this event we feature exciting speakers who will explain the What-Why-How of Big Data, ML and AI to help you to navigate your way through our field. Learn about concepts, understand what roles are in today's AI-empowered organizations (and how to position yourself), and witness practical demo of data in action.”


29 November Düsseldorf, Germany


Beyond the Numbers: Harnessing Data for the SDGs

Online recording:

“In partnership with Cepei and Open Data Watch, PARIS21 is happy to announce the launch of the ‘Beyond the Numbers: Harnessing Data for the SDGs’ webinar series. The series of five webinars will allow development, data and policy experts as well as practitioners to share and discuss the latest advancements in the field of development data.”



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