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Many deaths can be avoided with better data: UN deputy chief

“It means students can find out about job opportunities and women can learn about laws protecting them from discrimination. It means citizens can monitor how their governments are performing and hold decision-makers to account. It can strengthen trust in public institutions and unveil new opportunities.”


UN News

Introducing the online guide to the World Development Indicators: A new way to discover data on development

“The World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World Bank’s premier compilation of international statistics on global development. Drawing from officially recognized sources and including national, regional, and global estimates, the WDI provides access to almost 1,600 indicators for 217 economies, with some time series extending back more than 50 years.”


The World Bank – The Data Blog

What to expect from the 2018 World Data Forum

“the U.N. The commission is “the place where all chief statisticians come together to decide what work needs to be done to improve data, to provide data to the citizen in their respective countries,” she said.”



Big Data : le Japon, les Etats-Unis et l’UE s’allient pour combattre la Chine

« Contrairement à ses rivaux économiques, l’Empire du Milieu ne s’encombre pas de considérations éthiques. Techniquement, la Chine profite donc d’un avantage considérable dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle et des autres technologies de pointe. D’autant qu’elle compte désormais étendre ses centres de données au Moyen-Orient, à l’Afrique et à l’Asie du Sud-Est. »



« Le big data, une ressource essentielle pour la création de sens »

L’utilisation de données privées dans les situations d’urgence humanitaire met en lumière leur formidable potentiel – mais leur utilisation quotidienne pourrait être encore plus large. En effet, l’utilisation de données commerciales dans les services publics, comme l’urbanisme...

Le Monde


Counting on Statistics: How can national statistical offices and donors increase use?

This report draws upon two perspectives to address the capacity gap: the primary producers of official statistics (national statistical offices) and an important domestic user group for these data (government officials) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


AidData, ODW, PARIS21


PIDA Infrastructure Week 2018

“The Fourth PIDA Week in 2018 will build on previous events to continue to engage stakeholders on the effective delivery of infrastructure on the continent focusing specifically on good governance.”

29 Oct –

2 Nov Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls


Blockchain for Development: The Future Now

“The Blockchain for Development Forum is a one-day event that brings together the technology implementers, innovators and influencers in Blockchain, alongside with delegates from bilateral and multilateral donors and other international organisations, senior decision makers and stakeholders, to discuss the potential of this industry-changing technology.”


7 Nov

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2nd Colombian Congress on Statistics

“Los temas del Congreso son:

1) Ciencia de Datos y Estadística
2) Enseñanza de la Estadística
3) Estadística, Política y Asuntos Económicos »


8 – 10 Nov Cali



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