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Development Initiatives Updates Platform for Poverty Data

“By bringing together multiple datasets around a common theme, the Development Data Hub provides a comprehensive platform for visualizing and exploring financial and resource flow data”



World Bank Shifts to Online Reporting for Development Indicators

“In addition to offering quantitative access to data, the WDI site highlights key development issues through stories that bring together multiple indicators to demonstrate the interrelated nature of development issues. For example, a story titled, ‘A changing world population’, explores global population growth by: 1) disseminating population growth by country, 2) assessing the distribution of age and sex in populations since the 1960s, and 3) observing birth and death rates.”



India cannot afford to ignore Data Science

“Like in many other countries, India has also stepped up and started its efforts to build up its capacities in these new technologies, especially in AI and IOT. Between mid-2017 and early 2018, the government constituted two Artificial Intelligence Task Forces, first under the Ministry of Commerce and the second under the Ministry of Defence.”


The Economic Times

Value of unpaid work is estimated at more than a fifth of GDP in many countries yet it is taken for granted

“In some instances, there is no data on a particular issue, for example, on unpaid and voluntary work. Other times, data exists but it is not sex-disaggregated. There are also cases in which finding the right methodology for collecting and analysing data is difficult.”


Daily Nation

Space time: 5 key talking points at the World Geospatial Information Congress

“Geospatial data experts from around the world gathered for the United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress to discuss ways to make spatial thinking the norm, thereby improving our ability to create and analyze data supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.”



Big data in the balance

“Being able to distinguish whether people are Ghanaian, Pakistani or Syrian, for instance, is likely to work against Ghanaians and Pakistanis who may have a perfectly valid claim to asylum, but will be shut out in a world of big data,” says Taylor, hinting at the continent’s migration crisis unfolding in recent years.”




Counting on Statistics: How can national statistical offices and donors increase use?

“Part of a broader project to increase the impact of official statistics, this report aims to understand the perspectives of national statistical offices and government ministries in low- and middle-income countries on the use of official statistics”


Aid data, Open Data Watch and PARIS21


Cross Regional Forum 2018 Making National Statistical Systems Fit for the New Data Ecosystem: What needs to be done?

“Development agencies will now need to work with developing countries as they navigate the new data ecosystem and work at going beyond the traditional production-side interventions to also strengthen relationships with new partners, develop innovative approaches to fill data gaps, engage data users and manage co-ordination of data activities.”


3-4 December,



Strengthening Foreign Assistance through Results Data Use

“With discussants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Affairs Canada, Government of Malawi, MCC, UK Department for International Development, UNICEF, and USAID, this conversation seeks to transform a conceptual framework into concrete methods for achieving change.

10 December,


United States,



Workshop on identification of contextualized indicators to measure SDGs in India

“With this focus, the 4th Wheel with support from Swedish Institute is hosting a workshop in Mumbai on 15th December 2018 on ‘Identifying contextualized indicators to measure the Sustainable Development Goals in India’.”


15 December

Mumbai, India

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