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Opinion: What the data tells us about Africa's declining revenue

“International aid has largely flat-lined, and more and more countries are at risk of debt distress. Domestic revenue mobilization is critical for funding Africa’s future and for it to sustainably leverage additional sources of finance.”



Tanzania Outlaws Fact-checking, Seeks World Bank Aid to Create New Facts

“Under the new amendments, groups like Twaweza will be prohibited from collecting or disseminating independent data on critical development issues, such as whether children in school are able to read or which communities are experiencing hunger, without government clearance.”



Data Revolution Key To Sustainable Development In Africa

“In this regard, our new efforts are geared towards enhancing advocacy about the importance and use of statistics, targeting mostly key policy makers. We believe that this will encourage governments to invest more in statistical development.”



Feeding data to digital giants is anti-development

“What policy-makers everywhere need to take a closer look at is how these technologies lend themselves to rising monopoly power which, if unchallenged, will give a handful of giant corporations an ever greater say over future growth and employment prospects everywhere.”



Indian government launches centre of excellence for data analytics to unlock the hidden potential of data

“Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics (CEDA) is set up with the sole vision of kick-starting and fast-tracking advanced analytics and machine learning capability adoption keeping the Centre as the locus of expertise and excellence in Data Analytics domain. The centre shall provide quality data analytic services to different government functionaries and departments by deploying people with the right expertise and identify appropriate tools.”


Analytics Insight

The two big problems with SDG data

“Timeliness is just one half of the problem; the other is comprehensiveness, Melamed said.”



Major #SDG2 Data Initiative Launched

“Gyan Baffour, Minister for Planning, Ghana, noted that data is an expensive endeavor, and governments are in the position of choosing between investing in data or in the issues that the people they govern see as priorities. Observing that SDG implementation has come at a time of data revolution, he emphasized that countries need significant support and input to learn how to interpret, manage, and use the data obtained from new sources.”



Blockchain could improve transparency in Africa’s commodity market

“After dealing with the issue with a mix of reticence and strong-handedness, governments such as Kenya’s have set up task forces to study the benefits and challenges. The decentralized, distributed ledger technology is also being used to disrupt everything from agriculture in Kenya and savings in Zimbabwe to trade in Nigeria and land fraud in Ghana.”


Quartz Africa

Ghana’s Economy Is Now 25% Bigger After Data Overhaul

“The statistical agency changed its base year to 2013 from 2006 and included new data sources to better reflect the structure of the economy. It remeasured the gross domestic product for every year from 2013 and lowered 2017 output growth to 8.1 percent from 8.5 percent.”




Asian Development Outlook 2018 Update: Maintaining Stability Amid Heightened Uncertainty

“While the region is expected to meet the Asian Development Outlook 2018 forecast of 6.0% growth in 2018, the projection for 2019 has been trimmed by 0.1 percentage points to 5.8%. Downside risks to the outlook are intensifying. Any escalation of the trade conflict could disrupt cross-border production links.”



Technolex 2018

« 3ème édition de Technolex, journée de conférences dédiées aux enjeux couplés de la technologie et du droit organisée par le Groupe Serda Archimag avec la coopération scientifique du cabinet Alain Bensoussan Avocats Lexing »


28 November,



11th international statistics days conference

“We will spend every effort and be pleased to generate an atmosphere where you can share your knowledge, expertise, and experiences with your colleagues.”


3-7 Octobre Bodrum Mugla, Turkey


Experts Meeting - Global Fund

“This Experts Meeting* will bring together representatives from the data and statistics community, development finance, global funds and academia to discuss a new study on the feasibility of setting up a global fund for the data sector.”


4-5 Octobre OECD/ PARIS21

OECD data for development meeting

“The OECD is organising an informal meeting with Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members to kick start the new Data for Development work stream.”

5 October

Paris, France

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