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Betting the Farm: Big Data in Agriculture

“I think the platform does have the potential to increase coordination across the CGIAR network, especially as it relates to shared methods and shared data,” says Prager. “Often times we have great ideas and someone’s already done something similar. We could accelerate the research process and more importantly, accelerate impact if we are clever about how we share data.”



Blockchain Could Help Achieve The UN's Sustainable Development Plan

“Interestingly, one of the most innovative ways being used to achieve these objectives is blockchain. The technology is being used in everything from health care programs to establishing climate coalitions.”



Earth observation provides business intelligence for smart farming

“Instead of web-based graphics and descriptions wasting precious time, leading to subjective assumptions, possible human errors and failures, SAGRIS offers a continuous flow of measurements and per-parcel satellite data samples for AI engines tracking and solving specific issues.”



Reliable statistical data in Niger evaluates performance in implementation of Education

“This CapED support makes it possible not only to collect relevant statistical data on the sub-sector as a whole but also to strengthen the capacities of the actors involved in conducting the process.”



UNICEF and SPC partner to improve data for children, women and people with disabilities across the Pacific islands

“The 2017 World Bank Statistical Capacity Indicator reports that the Pacific Island countries rank significantly below the Asia-Pacific regional average and that the Pacific needs to improve specifically on health and poverty surveys as well as vital registration systems.”



UK Hydrographic Office appoints new Director of Customer Division

“More people are starting to understand the importance of our marine environment and the need to use ocean resources in a sustainable way. Marine geospatial data is essential to help unlock the value of our oceans whilst ensuring their protection for years to come.”



The importance of ethical aid to Africa

“For aid to help boost economic growth we need transparent and principled investment, where companies embrace their wider responsibilities to the societies in which they operate. This must include ensuring women’s economic empowerment and inclusion of those with disabilities in the workforce, as well as green and decent jobs.”


The Guardian

Corruption and Gender Inequality in the Age of #MeToo

“A first step is to improve data collection on gendered forms of corruption and to empower people to recognize and report it. Though evidence suggests that sextortion is prevalent, lack of data has made it difficult to determine its exact nature and scope.”

Council on Foreign Relations

Understanding Niamey’s flood risk through open source mapping, drones, and modeling

“A Nigerien startup, Drone Africa Service, has since been training government counterparts and members of the OpenStreetMap community to use drones to acquire high-resolution images of areas where the exposed people and assets are located.”


The World Bank



Strengthening current data on refugee and migrant children at EU level

“In its Communication, the EC indicated that data on children in migration is still very fragmented, not always disaggregated by age and sex and not always comparable, making children and their needs "invisible".”



Global Data Center Interconnect Market Size, Status and Forecast 2018-2025

“This report focuses on the global Data Center Interconnect status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The study objectives are to present the Data Center Interconnect development in United States, Europe and China.”


Wise Guy Reports

Un logiciel prédit les épidémies de choléra au Yémen

« Des chercheurs ont mis au point un programme qui cherche à prédire les épidémies. Pour cela, le logiciel combine les données météo fournies par les satellites de la NASA et les informations sur la densité de population et l’accès à l’eau sur le territoire yéménite. Cela permet de déterminer quatre semaines à l’avance le début d’une crise épidémique. »


Le Monde


International Open Data Conference 2018

“The unique nature of this event is that it gathers together in one location a diverse range of participants from the northern and southern hemispheres to define strategies to advance open data both globally and locally.”


27-28 September, Buenos Aires

Data Analytics Workshop For Official Statistics - Eurostat

“The "data analytics Workshop for official statistics" (daWos) is a two-day event organised by Eurostat that aims at addressing the challenges and opportunities for the community of Official Statistics in the area of data analytics.”


10-11 September Amsterdam            

Workshop on Statistical Data Collection 'Resourceful Data Acquisition -UNECE-CSS

“The objective of this workshop is to identify innovative ways and best practices in statistical data collection, and to provide a platform for practitioners to exchange experiences and foster collaboration in this area. “


11-12 October Genève

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