The PARIS21 Steering Committee met in Paris on 4 June 2009. A seminar on special topics (fragile states and civil registrations) was held on the morning of 5 June.

Final Record of the Proceedings - June 2009 PARIS21 Steering Committee Meeting
Final Record of the Proceedings - June 2009 PARIS21 Seminar
Agenda - June 2009 PARIS21 Steering Committee
Agenda - June 2009 PARIS21 Seminar
List of Documents
List of Decisions
PARIS21 Progress Report - Reporting Period: October 2008 to April 2009
PARIS21 Progress Report: Presentation
PARIS21 Secretariat Work Programme 2009: (Updated in April 2009)
PARIS21 Work Programme: Update 2009 (Presentation)
PARIS21 Evaluation: Progress so far
PARIS21 Consortium Meeting: Progress on Preparations
Draft Agenda - November 2009 PARIS21 Steering Committee
International Household Survey Network (IHSN) and the Accelerated Data Program (ADP): Presentation
Challenges for global statistics: The role of PARIS21 in global statistical programs
World Statistics Day - In a Nutshell
Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Ethiopia: Recent Experiences of the Central Statistical Agency and Its Challenges
The Civil Registration System in Ghana/Coordination among the Registration, Statistics and Health Sectors
Fragile States
Fragile States: Learning Points
Fragile States: Report to PARIS21 Steering Committee