The key objective of 16-17 November 2006 PARIS21 Steering Committee meeting was to define the future of PARIS21 taking into account the evaluations, the outputs/outcomes produced, and the changes in the international environment. Among the main topics discussed were: the renewed objectives, the revival of the overall partnership, the appropriate governance and the work programme.

A half-day seminar was also organised in the margins of this meeting to discuss preparations for the Hanoi Roundtable on Managing for Development Results.

Record of the Proceedings - PARIS21 Steering Committee Meeting - November 2006
Record of the Proceedings - Seminar on Hanoi Roundtable
Agenda - Steering Committee
Agenda - Seminar on Hanoi Roundtable on Managing for Development Results
List of Decisions
List of Documents
Addendum to April 2006 Progress Report (May – October 2006)
PARIS21 Work Programme (November 2006 – June 2007)
Draft PARIS21 Governance Arrangements
PARIS21: A Strengthened Partnership -- Discussion Note
PARIS21: Renewed Mandate
Reporting System on Donor Support to Statistical Activities: Draft Discussion Note for Task Team