From 27 to 28 July 2005 in Accra, Ghana, PARIS21 organised a regional workshop for East and West African Anglophone countries on strategic statistical planning. As many countries already have some form of strategic plan in place, the objective of this workshop was to help identify the successes and constraints to implementation of these plans; to share experiences; and to assist in finding solutions to any obstacles that may exist. Countries were invited to draft a ‘roadmap’ of practical steps they will take to enhance the successful implementation of their plans.

Workshop Report
List of Participants
Aims of the Workshop
Statistical Literacy Project
ICP Africa Objectives
Links between the GDDS and NSDS
Health Metrics Network
World Bank CWIQ
Presentation: ILO
GDDS Activities in Ghana
PARIS21 NSDS Presentation
Status of Strategic Planning: Baseline Assessment
NSDS Status Baseline
Funding strategy for NSDS
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