PARIS21 held a Consortium meeting 17-18 October 2002 at the OECD offices in Paris, France. As decided by the Steering Committee in June 2002, this year’s Consortium Meeting closely focused on the work programme with those directly involved.

Meeting Proceedings
List of Participants
PARIS21 Secretariat Progress Report: June 2002 - Oct 2002
Rural & Agricultural Statistics task team report
Advocacy task team report
Census task team report
Building Statistical Capacities for Improving the Measurement and Monitoring of Development and Aid Effectiveness in ADB's Developing Member Countries
Primer Taller PARIS21 para Centroamérica
Central & West African Regional Workshops
SCBI presentation
Progress Report of the Task Team on Food, Agriculture and Rural Statistics
Sistema Estadìstico Nacional Venezuela
INEC y El Sistema Estadístico Nacional (SEN)
II Taller de PARIS21 para la Comunidad Andina
The PARIS21 Malawi Workshop: Findings and Way Forward
Report back from South Africa National Workshop
Albania: Supporting Follow Up in the Country, What has to be Required? Case Instat.
Plans Stratégiques de Développement de la Statistique PSDS