A PARIS21 Steering Committee meeting was held 13 June 2002 at the OECD offices in Paris, France. Participants discussed the Secretariat progress and financial reports, regional workshops and country-level follow-up, task team updates, participation in studies, information sharing, the interim and comprehensive PARIS21 evaluations, the October 2002 Consortium meeting, the possibility of a PARIS21 Africa chapter, and a report on the World Bank Trust Fund on Statistical Capacity Building.

Record of the Proceedings
Task Team Report: Advocacy for Better Statistics
Task Team Report: Strategic Statistical Development Plan
Task Team Report: Statistical Capacity Building Indicators
Task Team Report: Rural & Agriculture Statistics
Draft Agenda for next Consortium meeting
Proposal for a PARIS21 Africa Chapter
Lessons From South-South Cooperation On Poverty Monitoring Systems In Malawi And Zambia
Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building, Progress Report, October 2001 - April 2002