From 22-23 June 2000, PARIS21 held its Consortium Meeting at the Maison de la Chimie, in Paris, France.

Summary Record of the Meeting
Evaluation of PARIS21 Consortium Meeting - 2000
Proposed Programme of PARIS21 Initiatives
Matrice du Projet de Programme d'Activités PARIS21
Creating a Set of Advocacy Tools
Programme Proposal: Better Donor Cooperation To Improve Statistical, Analytical And Policy Setting Capacity For Countries Preparing And Implementing Poverty Reduction Strategies
Projet de Programme : Améliorer la Collaboration entre Donneurs au Service du Renforcement des Capacités Statistiques, Analytiques et de Formulation des Politiques Nécessaires à l’établissement et à la Mise en Oeuvre des Stratégies de Lutte Contre La Pauv
Developing a Data and Information Working Group
Developing Cost-Effective Poverty Monitoring Indicators - Strategic Partnerships for Africa & Burkina Faso Conditionality Study
Inventory of Statistical Initiatives
Good Practices In Technical Cooperation For Statistics
Sequenced Information Strategy
The MECOVI Program in Latin America and the Caribbean Region
MECOVI Program Progress Report (January 1997 - March 2000)
Population and Housing Censuses Towards Funding Stability
Recensements de la population et de l’habitat : vers la stabilité des financements
Population and Housing Censuses Towards Funding Stability (Presentation)
Programme for Strengthening National Systems of Food and Agricultural Statistics in Africa: Summary Proposal for a Regional Technical Support Project - Phase I
China – Canada Information Management Programme (SIMP)
Statistical Information Management Project: A Successful Cooperation between China and Canada