PARIS21 held its Second Interim Steering Committee Meeting on 14 June 2001 in Geneva. The meeting agreed on the goals and modalities of PARIS21 and on light governance arrangements that will be separate from the governance of Trust Funds set up to finance PARIS21 inspired activities. There was recognition of the need for greater national government commitment and less dependence on external funding. The Secretariat will remain in Paris for the foreseeable future but there will be closer links to the UN. Task teams will be put on a firmer footing with report, plans and budgets put to Steering Committee and annual Consortium meetings. The process will be evaluated in 2003, with an interim review in 2002.

Meeting Proceedings
PARIS21 Financing Proposal
PARIS21 Work Plan and Financing Plan: 2001 - 2003
Issues for the Future - Location, Duration and Task Teams
PARIS21 Secretariat - Role (mandate) and Structure
Progress Report on the World Bank Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building
Relationship between the PARIS21 partners - Role of Trust Funds, Bilateral Programmes etc.
PARIS21 Governance - Role of a Steering Committee or Bureau
PARIS21: A Developing Countries' Perspective
PARIS21 Goals, Principles and Modalities
Annual Consortium Meeting: Purpose, Participation and Agenda Items