PARIS21 promotes the better use and production of statistics throughout the developing world.

Ten percent of the world's population is currently living in extreme poverty. Although this figure has declined over the past few years, more efforts need to be deployed in order to achieve international development targets.

In this context, statisticians have a tremendous role to play. We believe that poverty reduction can not be achieved without improving governance in developing countries. And good government policies need good statistics to reach their goals. Statistics are essential to monitor progress and achieve development targets. Statistics are crucial to provide an environment of evidence-based decision making and to hold governments accountable for their activities.

PARIS21's vision: Improve the well-being of all citizens by strengthening national statistical systems and promoting responsible data production and use

We are dedicated to encourage a better use of statistics in developing countries, by providing support and strengthening their National Statistical Systems.

  • We co-ordinate efforts between data users, producers, policy-makers and providers of development co-operation
  • We advocate for improved use and production of high-quality and timely statistics
  • We assist countries in designing, implementing and monitoring their National Strategies for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)
  • We advocate for the needs of national statistical systems at the international level
Good statistics are key for effective economic and social development.