Between Board meetings, the activities of the Partnership and Secretariat are guided and monitored by an Executive Committee consisting of a small number of members selected by the Board.

The role of the Executive Committee is to provide accountability and guidance to the ongoing work of the Secretariat. In particular, it provides policy direction to Secretariat activities and acts as a decision-making body.

If needed, the Executive Committee may organise Task Teams to carry out specific tasks or to generate specific outputs.

Executive Committee Members (2020-2022)






1 Partner Mongolia

Ms. Ayush Aryiunzaya

Minister for Labour and Social Protection, Ministry for Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia

31 March 2022
2 Partner Philippines

Dr. Claire Dennis Mapa

National Statistician, Philippines Statistics Authority

31 March 2022
3 Partner Ghana

Prof. Kobina Annim Samuel

Director General, Ghana Statistical Service

31 March 2022
4 Bilateral Donor United Kingdom

Dr. Paula McLeod

Head of Profession for Statistics, Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office

31 March 2022
5 Bilateral Donor Canada

Ms. Susie Fortier

Director, Statistics Canada

Ms Ioanna Sahas Martin

Director, Governance & Natural Resources Division, Global Affairs Canada

31 March 2022
6 Bilateral Donor Switzerland

Mr. Georges-Simon Ulrich

Director-General, Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Mr. Thomas Gass

Head of Global Cooperation, Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation

31 March 2022
7 Multilateral European Commission / Eurostat

Ms. Mariana Kotzeva

Director-General, Eurostat

Standing Member
8 Multilateral International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Mr. Louis Marc Ducharme

Director, Statistics Department

Standing Member
9 Multilateral Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Mr. Paul Schreyer

Director, Chief Statistician, OECD Statistics & Data Directorate

Standing Member
10 Multilateral United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Mr. Stefan Schweinfest

Director, UN Statistics Division

Standing Member
11 Multilateral World Bank

Ms. Haishan Fu

Director, Development Data Group, Development Economics

Standing Member
12 Ex Officio PARIS21 Secretariat

Mr. Johannes Jütting

Executive Head

Standing Member
DID YOU KNOW? The Executive Committee monitors progress on the regular work programme of the Secretariat