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PARIS21 Task Teams

The PARIS21 Secretariat mobilises its partners on specific activities of mutual interest to advance its core mission. Task Teams are established for a determined time period with a specific membership to complete a specific task. Typically, PARIS21 task teams are co-chaired by the Secretariat.

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2020 Task Teams

The following Task Teams were approved at the PARIS21 Annual Meetings in April 2020:

  • Task Team on Statistical Coordination

  • Task Team on NSDS Impact

  • Task Team on PARIS21 Results Framework

Reference Groups operate like Task Teams, but their mandate are long-term. The following Reference Groups are active in 2020:

  • Reference Group on Data Planning Tools (upcoming)

  • Reference Group on NSDS Guidelines (on-going)

Examples of Completed PARIS21 Task Teams

Capacity Development 4.0 Task Team

During the 2017 PARIS21 Annual Meetings, the Board approved the creation of a Task Team on New Approaches to Capacity Development. The Task Team was successful in meeting its overall objective of developing a guiding framework to enable countries, donors and other actors to build capacities that better respond to the current needs of producers and users of data,  influencing and driving decisions for sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda.