PARIS21’s reporting and analysis on statistical capacity, funding flows, and many other aspects have become reference materials for national statistical offices, academia, and development professionals worldwide.

We are able to undertake timely, robust and highly relevant analysis because our unique role as a partnership between the world’s major intergovernmental agencies, national statistical systems and civil society enables us to leverage diverse data sources for our analysis.

PARIS21’s team of data innovation experts deploys the latest methodologies and technology to dive deep into the data. We also work closely with national statistical agencies to support country reporting on statistics and identify capacity and funding gaps.


Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS)

PARIS21’s Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS) is the most comprehensive global analysis of technical and financial support to statistics available. The report combines donor reporting with innovative data mining techniques to identify trends in aid for statistics in developing and emerging economies. PRESS also analyses support to thematic data, such as gender, to highlight mismatches between data needs to support sustainable development objectives and existing commitments.


press 2021

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Country Report on Support to Statistics (CRESS)

CRESS is a country-led initiative, supported by PARIS21, to gather all data relating to the funding of the national statistical system (NSS), whether deriving from domestic resources or external aid. The ultimate objective is to improve efficiency of the NSS through better information sharing and co-ordination.

CRESS is an important input into the design of national strategies for the development of Statistics, in particular into the budgeted action plan. The inventory of support to the NSS that the CRESS provides will help the country identify gaps in funding the implementation of the NSDS and eliminate duplication of development interventions.

Since 2011, PARIS21 supported CRESS reports in over a dozen countries.

CRESS reports

Niger 2020 (FR)

Benin 2020 (FR)

Dominican Republic 2022 (Es)

Mauritania 2019

Mongolia 2019

Zambia 2019

Cambodia 2017

The Philippines 2016

Vietnam 2016

Burundi 2016

Niger 2016

Malawi 2015

Benin 2013

Ghana 2013

Malawi 2012

Ethiopia 2012

Cameroon 2012

Senegal 2011