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Wednesday, 19 December 2018; 10:00-11:00 am ET (Washington D.C. time)




There are many steps between producing and using data for policy making and more effective governance. Most of the efforts to increase data use, historically, has been placed in opening more datasets without thought to how people measure the uptake and use of such datasets. This focus is beginning to shift with the Publish with Purpose movement and with research from Development Gateway, AidData, Open Data Watch, PARIS21, and others. The aim is to shift the focus away from promoting the importance of data use and towards taking action to measure and understand it.

This webinar will bring together speakers to discuss methods for measuring data use; efforts to increase the capacity of producers to understand users’ needs on one end of the data value chain and policy makers and citizens to use the data on the other end; and what we can learn from current initiatives focusing on measuring data use. It is important for audience members of this webinar to think critically about how the methods presented are not only intended to be programmed into statistical capacity building initiatives for national statistical offices or other data producers but how a user-centric strategy can be implemented to better understand how their own data, whether it is new research or reports, can be used.

The goal of this webinar is to connect the dots between data production and data impact by highlighting lessons learned from recent research, strategies for increasing the use of data for decision making, and good practices on understanding and measuring use.

Questions to be addressed

  • Why measuring data use is important? What is needed to better understand data use to improve data quality and trust in data?
  • What are some of quick wins that countries could take advantage of to better monitor and hopefully increase data use? What are good practices and methods for measuring data use?
  • How can different actors within the data for development ecosystem create an enabling environment to increase data use?
  • How do policy makers access and use data for decision making? What are important case studies that demonstrate how to increase and encourage data use?
  • How do we build data use into the processes, principles, and data quality assessments that guide the production side of data? 
  • What organizations or projects are working to understand and improve data use? What are the important resources they have assembled?

Featured speakers

- Eric Swanson, Open Data Watch

- Tanya Sethi, AidData

- Muchiri Nyaggah, Local Development Research Institute (LDRI)

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